Catching the Wave

While I always enjoy the conversations on Invest Like the Best, one recent episode with Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, the founders of Instagram was one of my favorites. They talked a lot about product decisions that they made that felt very applicable to product management. One of the anecdotes I really liked was when they compared building a feature at the right time to catching a wave:

“There’s an optimal time to start paddling to catch a wave. If you start too early, you look like an idiot. If you start too late, you look like an idiot… …If you start at the right time, everything aligns”

Link to Castro clip of the quote.

This perfectly aligns with my experience as a product manager and is applicable whether you’re building a new product or features on an existing product. There’s always an optimal time to start working on something and doing it too early or too late often doesn’t have enough of an impact. This is why the right priority is so important and part of what makes the product management job quite difficult!

You can check out more Invest Like the Best episodes here.

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