Pulled pork in < 1 hour

My experience making and freezing pulled pork for future use.

My wife’s family has a great tradition at the annual beach week. Each couple in the family cooks one night of the week. This has several advantages over everyone making their own stuff or going out for dinner.

First – and most obviously – we get home cooked meals every night of the week. Second, we all eat together. It’s a great time to have everyone around the table and chatting at the same time. Third, I get to stay on the beach longer and come back to the house just before dinner. Finally, while it’s definitely not a competition to see who makes the best meal 😉, everyone goes all out for their night of the week. We have some great dinners during the week, my favorite being Trey’s homemade lasagna.

This year, I wanted to make my favorite, some carolina pulled pork. The problem is that I want to smoke it on the Big Green Egg and eat it an unknown number of days later. That turned out to not be a problem due to my Christmas experiment where I froze the pulled pork and reheated it before everyone arrived! My wife still insists that’s the best pork I’ve made…

I just finished smoking this one the Big Green Egg and I think it turned out great. I’ve been watching a lot of BBQ with Franklin on YouTube lately so I followed his advice on the rub. I added a bit of cayenne pepper and brown sugar to this:

  • Kosher Salt
  • Black Pepper
  • Paprika
  • Garlic Powder
  • Chili Powder

I didn’t measure the ingredients but it was close to equal parts salt, pepper, and sugar, paprika, with a pinch of the other ingredients.

Since I was making this for a lot of people, I had 3 pork butts on at once. That definitely maxed out the capacity for the large Big Green Egg!



I smoked this one at 250 for 5 hours over hickory chunks, wrapped it up, and waited until the internal temperature hit 195. It’s important to let the pork rest for a while after cooking to allow the muscle fibers to soak up the juices so I let them sit on the counter in foil for another 30 minutes. After that I pulled them apart, let them cool to room temperature, and put them in the freezer. There is no sauce in the freezer bags, I’ll put it on the pork when I warm it up. It should only take around an hour to warm them up and have them ready to eat.

It will be exciting to see how they turn out! Based on my previous experience with pulled pork, I think everyone will love them. 👍🏼



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