Mother’s Day Scallops

This isn’t the most typical thing to cook on the Big Green Egg. Especially with my first post. However, tonight I whipped an early Mother’s Day dinner for my wife. This one was mostly an excuse to use a new Himalayan Salt Block that was given to me as a gift.

After a little research, I determined that scallops were one of the best things to cook on a himalayan salt block which is perfect because my wife loves scallops! The trick with the salt block is to heat it up slowly to prepare for the cook. I let the grill come up to 400 degrees in around an hour as you can see on my graph from the Flame Boss.

During this time, I had some help from the little man salting the asparagus…

Now, on to the scallops. Grilling scallops is a great way to bring out their natural sweetness. That will be a great combination to go with the salt flavor that they’ll pick up from the salt block. Before placing them on the grill, I brushed on a sauce of butter, lemon juice, and honey to help brown them up a little. They cook quickly; I left them on for around 3 minutes per side. I thought the flavor and texture of the finished scallops was excellent although I wish they had browned up a little more. I probably tried to put too many on the salt block at once. The liquid from all the scallops at the same time probably prevented the browning some.

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