Clear Cisco MDS Zoning

I’m getting the NetApp MetroCluster setup for Cisco Live EMEA in 2017. One of the things I needed to do was clear the zoning on the Fibre Channel switches and create new zones. The current set of zones was created for the ATTO Fibrebridge 6500N and I’m swapping those out for the newer ATTO Fibrebridge 7500N. The zoning needs to be changed to account for the two Fibre Channel target ports per fibrebridge on the 7500N. Here are the steps to remove zoning from Cisco MDS switches if you need to.

I’ve got two active zones, an FCVI zone on VSAN 10 and a storage zone on VSAN 20. The first step is to deactivate those:

no zoneset activate name FAB_1_FCVI_ZONESET_VSAN_10 vsan 10
no zoneset activate name FAB_1_STOR_ZONESET_VSAN_20 vsan 20

Next delete the zonesets:

no zoneset name FAB_1_FCVI_ZONESET_VSAN_10 vsan 10
no zoneset name FAB_1_STOR_ZONESET_VSAN_20 vsan 20

Now clear the zone database, copy the running configuration to the startup configuration and reload the switch:

clear zone database vsan 10
clear zone database vsan 20
copy run start

Overall, pretty simple. You should probably do a quick backup of the switch config file before you do it just in case you want the zoning back. I didn’t  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ . But it’s probably a good idea.


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